Mijotes/ Chef Kihachiro Hachisuka/ Beau Depart Aoyama

It was really a fantastic and amazing experience to me to be invited to the Kitchen of Chef Kihachiro Hachisuka/ Beau Depart Aoyama, to learn about Mijotes.   This was a very private session having 5 audience in a kitchen, where we could see all his actions, with demonstration of Mijotes and another great plate of Roti et son jus and interesting stories around.  I am writing about Mijotes in this post.



Mijotes this time consists of 17 seasonal vegetable which are cut in pieces.  The veges on the plate left hand side are boiled and colorful veges on the plate right hand side are braised in very sensitive and authentic method, so the veges were all cooked individually but not in a same pan.



After the above process, the veges became very shiny with brighter colors.



Then, all the veges are set for each portion and seasoned with several types of balsamico vinegar and olive oil.



Wow, it is presented on a plate very pretty.  Each vegetable has its own taste and texture, which are well preserved but also harmonizes each other.  Further, it is exiting to taste even of a single vegetable of different tastes to appear at different parts, e.g. from its skin to its core.
This great experience opened my eyes even wider towards more learning in gastronomy, thanking for Chef Hachisuka for his perfect delivery of demonstration and meaningful words.