My next step is,


Taking some moment since leaving the company having worked for about 15 years, I have been working on quite a variety of projects, traveling to may places, meeting with interesting people, now I am sure what I am going to do as the next step.

This is a photo I took at home of my own cooking of Thai green curry after a trip learning Thai cuisine in Thailand which made my vision super clear.

Simply, I may be caption myself as “a travelling food photographer often cooks by myself developing recipes, considering nutrition.  I am also going to work to introduce Japanese food culture to the world.  So, after working decades in music, movies and games, my horizon to entertainment now expanded to the world of food. This decision was not easy to make, though it has been quite clear that I love food, am a good photographer, and an easy-going globe trekker. Having considered the best suiting way I should take, I work freelance, to enjoy the most flexibility and freedom from this Spring.

I under stand that I still need to develop myself more in these field and I am definitely to ask supports of great friends, professionals who I have met or to meet. I would like to thank them in advance.